What's Needed for 21st Century Immigration Reform

America’s current immigration system is broken and does not meet the needs of our citizens or businesses. Improvements to our nation’s immigration policies are long overdue and are essential to continued economic growth.

Our country needs a broad based approach with sensible laws and enforceable guidelines to protect our borders and meet the needs of our nation, both economically and socially. I support reform that will improve our competitiveness, attract and retain the talent and workers our economy needs, secure our borders, and keep faith with America’s legacy as an open and welcoming society.

As part of that, the U.S. Chamber is advocating for reforms that will:

►  Secure our borders
►  Expand the temporary worker program and employer-sponsored green cards to reform employment visas       for high and lesser skilled workers
►  Create a balanced and workable employment verification system
►  Provide some type of legalization program with tight criteria and eventual citizenship

Keeping the status quo is de facto amnesty, which our country can’t afford.
Encourage Congress to take advantage of the unprecedented momentum in support of reform and address this important issue.

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